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Moo Cards: Great For Business... Mostly

Recently, I purchased some business cards from Moo.com. I chose Moo for my business cards for two reasons: I loved the idea of Printfinity, which allows you to print a different photograph on each card; I also loved the fantastic paper stock, which I was able to feel for myself with their sample pack.

The Good

Ordering from Moo was incredibly easy. I simply exported each photograph I wanted to be printed in the pack from Lightroom at the size recommended on their website, 1039x697 pixels. I then created a PDF of the back of my card using the PSD Template provided by Moo. I uploaded the images and PDF to their website, made sure to turn off auto-correction for my images (because I had already corrected them for color, exposure, contrast, etc.), and ordered. Within a couple weeks, I had a new pack of 50 business cards, with 10 of each image!

Photograph of Moo cards and a necktie.

When they arrived, the first thing that struck me was the insanely good quality of the paper. A pack of fifty cards is a couple inches thick, and it comes in a nice looking box, with tabs for cards labeled "mine" and "theirs." The cards felt amazing, they didn't bend or crease easily (or even with quite a bit of force applied), and I felt confident that I could carry them around in my pocket without worrying whether they would come out in good shape.

A great thing about having a pack of business cards with different images on the cards is that it can function as a portable portfolio! A great conversation starter and ice breaker is to bring out a few of my cards to show somebody, tell them to look through my portfolio, and then tell them, “You can keep your favorite—it’s also my card!”

There were a few problems with the cards, which I will outline below, but Moo's customer service is fantastic. They walked me through what needed to be done, and sent me a new pack of cards. They really do live up to the Moo Promise.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the images printed a bit dark. Even though I calibrate my monitors with the Spyder3Pro, it seems I cannot rely on color for Moo cards like I can with my print house. Of course, this can easily be remedied by increasing the brightness in Lightroom by about +20 before exporting for Moo. Another not-so-obvious problem, but one that seems like it would be important for a company who markets themselves to designers and photographers, was the fact that any sharp, diagonal, high-contrast line seemed to be pixelated, as if the resolution of the images had been up-scaled. Look at the photograph of the card below, and you can see this problem along the bottom of the mirror in the after image.

Bathroom Image original file
Bathroom Image printed on a business card from Moo

When I contacted customer service, they recommend I send a PSD with the full-resolution images as smart objects, and the text on the back converted to shapes. I did this, and they sent me reprints. Unfortunately, they also turned on their automatic image tuning software, because they thought this would solve the brightness issue. Below is a comparison of the data file I sent, and the second printing, which used their automatic image tuning software. All I can say is, “Do not use the automatic image tuning if you have already corrected your images!

Office Image original file
Office Image after automatic image tuining from Moo

Of course, after receiving these I was quite dismayed, and told Moo's customer service. They explained they did not look at my images, so they did not realize I was a professional photographer and thought automatic image tuning would fix my brightness issues. They turned off image tuning and sent me another pack, which printed the same as the first pack: a bit dark, but still usable.

The Verdict

Moo is a fantastic company. Their cards are of amazing quality, and their printing methods are better than the majority of other companies I have seen. The slight darkness to the images can be remedied by bumping the brightness up +20 in Lightroom, and the slight artifacting is not noticable unless there are high-contrast diagonal lines. The paper quality is fantastic, their customer service is great, and as a result, I will definitely be ordering my next pack of cards from Moo.